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The story behind our company

Amid the fast-paced world of business, GeekAhead Consulting stands as a leader in strategic growth and innovation. Founded by Sergey Makogon, who brings a wealth of experience in technology, sales, and business strategy from years of working within Fortune 500 companies, GeekAhead Consulting is more than just a consultancy. It is a catalyst for turning challenges into opportunities, utilizing AI and other advanced technologies to revamp businesses and propel them forward

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Leverage unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions tailored to navigate the complexities your business, ensuring your business not only thrives but leads in its industry.


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High-impact services

Unlock growth and innovation with services that deliver impactful results.

Business Startup Solutions

All-in-one services to establish and structure your business, from LLC formation, licenses, and banking setup to logo design, website creation, and tax management.

Reputation Management

Leverage reputation software to boost positive reviews and enhance brand image while protecting against negative feedback.

AI Integration & Automation

Incorporate AI tools and automated workflows to improve productivity and decision-making across all facets of business.

Marketing Strategy & Execution

Craft comprehensive marketing plans that include email campaigns, social media, and SEO to drive brand visibility and engagement.

Business Analytics & Reporting

Use data-driven insights to inform strategies and improve efficiency, focusing on identifying trends and areas of opportunity.

CRM & Sales Optimization

Implement and optimize CRM systems to enhance customer relationship management and boost sales performance.

A simple yet powerful and efficient process

Initial Consultation & Needs Assessment:

We'll schedule a comprehensive meeting to understand your business's specific requirements and goals. This step ensures that we identify the right services and tailor our approach to your needs.

Customized Plan Development

We’ll craft a customized action plan that outlines the necessary steps for formation, compliance, and growth, ensuring you have a clear roadmap for your business journey.

Implementation & Support

Our experts will execute the plan, from setting up essential services to providing ongoing support for compliance and growth. We guide you through every phase, ensuring your business gets the seamless startup experience it deserves.

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